Veterans make up only 8% of the US population, but they’re twice as likely to own a business as their civilian counterparts. 

Learn more about this growing group of small business owners in our latest infographic, “Vetpreneurs: Leading the Way”

As of 2015, America’s 21.4 million veterans own 9.2% of all U.S. firms
•    20% of all veteran-owned firms have employees
•    They employ 5.8 million employees 
•    And make $1.1 trillion in sales 

They are 50% more likely than non-vets to own two or more firms.

Veterans with 20+ years of service have higher rates of self-employment, and officers have the highest propensity to become self-employed. 

They tend to work in technical industries:

  • Professional, scientific and technical services 16.9%
  • Construction 15.5%
  • Repair, maintenance and other services 9.9%
  • Real estate 8.9%
  • Retail 8.1%
  • Administration and support 7.2%
  • Transportation and warehousing 6.5% 
  • Finance and insurance 5.5% 

Vetpreneurs generally secure funding on their own

  • 69.2% use personal or family savings and assets 
  • 12.9% use credit cards or home equity loans
  • 9.8% use business loans from financial institution 
  • 1.9% use business loans from family or friends 
  • 1.2% use government guaranteed/originated loans 
  • 0.3% get investments from venture capitalists 
  • 0.1% earn grants

Here are some helpful business resources for veterans:

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Infographic: Vetpreneurs Leading the Way