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Geothermal Loop Pros

DeJong and his partner attended small business workshops and then worked with SCORE mentor Dan Butler, who helped them put together the documents they needed to apply for a loan.... Read more

Marcus DeJong
Co-Owner, Geothermal Loop Pros
success story

Monica's Gourmet Cookies

Mitidieri sought a SCORE mentor to help her tackle self-doubt and get to the next level in growing her business. She worked with several SCORE mentors, including Bob Cooper, Dale... Read more

Monica Mitidieri
Owner, Monica's Gourmet Cookies
success story

Small Factory Innovations

Dudick worked with SCORE mentors Gene Wolf and Tony Payer. They helped him develop a business plan and connected him with their former colleagues, who helped him fine-tune his... Read more

Chris Dudick
Founder and CEO, Small Factory Innovations
success story

Noble Restaurant

Noble Restaurant owner Andrew Lamppa met with his SCORE mentor every few weeks. Lamppa saw his mentor as a sounding board and a way to expand the scope of his experience and... Read more

Andrew Lamppa
Owner, Noble Restaurant
success story

Mitla Tortilleria

Newland says, “I have expanded my wholesale business and increased income after confirming my pricing strategy with Michael and gaining more confidence in sales outreach. He... Read more

Grace Newland
Owner, Mitla Tortilleria
success story

Floyd Fence Company

SCORE mentor Joseph Conti advised the husband and wife duo on many facets of business ownership including accounting, advertising, business plan development, obtaining financing,... Read more

Alicia Lopez Floyd and Tristan Floyd
Floyd Fence Company
success story

Millennial Leadership

As a millennial, Eliassi knew he had a set of assets to offer the business world that were unique to his generation. But in order to be competitive, he wanted to combine them with... Read more

Kamy Eliassi
Author, Millennial Leadership
success story

Your Health Source

SCORE mentor Stan Booth helped Brown improve search-engine optimization on her website so new customers could find Your Health Source online more easily. “I am taking his training... Read more

Monica Brown
Owner, Your Health Source
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I worked with a team of three SCORE mentors, who helped me with manufacturing, sales, and software. Robert Wolk was one of my mentors. Bob saw the potential for MinkeeBlue before... Read more

Sherrill W. Mosee
Owner, MinkeeBlue
success story

Kingdom Builders LLC & Kingmakers CDC

SCORE mentor Ken Baker worked with the Daniels on how to structure their construction business. Nicole met with Fred Kistler twice weekly for training on QuickBooks. “I am so... Read more

Rodrick and Nicole Daniels
Owners, Kingdom Builders LLC & Kingmakers CDC
success story

Guardian Angel

Osburn worked with a variety of SCORE mentors for different aspects of his business. He was impressed by his mentors’ commitment. “SCORE has assisted us in dropping the cost of... Read more

Lance E. Sargent and Justin M. Osburn
Owners, Guardian Angel
success story


To ensure that his company was properly established, one of the first steps MacNeal took was to contact SCORE. Mentor Dan Krause helped him to determine the proper legal status ... Read more

Tom MacNeal
Owner, Fitness2Go